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Food For Health

Food for Health

Our Goal is to achieve Health for all through Food for Health. Our Mission is to emphasize food for health through validating food as a life saving commodity in order to complements efforts of the present health package by re-integrating the population excluded, particularly the vulnerable group, with much emphasis on mother and child thereby amplifying health of the citizens.

The Strategy will include all that will move nutrition from a theoretical concept to practice through implementation for behavioral change which mobilizes citizens to adopt basic nutritional practices that will amplify health.

  • Restoring already failed health.
  • Assuring sustained normalcy in growth and development.
  • Buffering health, better insulation and resistance to diseases so the poor can better withstand crises with the overall number and severity being significantly reduced.
  • Attaining the MDGs most importantly
  • Drastically reducing the burden on the Health sector.

Health For All Through Food For Health.

Health and wellbeing are at the centre of life and all development efforts.

VEINNET recognizes that one of the critical success factors in good health is nutrition. The consequences of this lack resulting in malnutrition are extensive as it seats most health challenges and exacerbates same when present.

Africa has food yet malnutrition is widespread and at a critical stage. It is Africa’s greatest challenge in the attainment of the MDGs. Malnutrition is at the base of most health challenges, yet most action plans miss out food/ nutrition and home, first defense for mother and child. According to WHO, Malnutrition is an impediment to the progress towards achieving Millennium Development Goals:

  • Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.
  • Achieve universal primary education.
  • Promote gender equality and empower women.
  • Reduce child mortality.
  • Improve maternal health.
  • Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases.

Health for All through Food for Health is an initiative to address our concern about malnutrition which is both critical and widespread globally with heavy implication to general health, particularly maternal and child mortality.

About 60% of the population, particularly, the rural dwellers are not benefiting from present health package due to limiting factors, namely affordability, acceptability, accessibility and availability. We believe part, if not all these handicaps might still bedevil the otherwise well thought out UN- led -intervention - the Life Saving Commodities, which incidentally are all drugs.

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