Vulnerable Empowerment Initiative Network

Education and Early Child Development

Food for Health

Our Goal is to ensure improved educational performance through good feeding.

Our Mission is to recover failure rates that are connected with imbalance food intake through a well programmed feeding arrangement.

Our Strategy revolves round quality food for early child development as a way of boosting the standard of education.

Nutrition is crucial to educational success.

Experts linked health and nutrition with overall educational success. Nutrition learning nexus shows the correlation between diet and learning and that it has implication to better performance and greater learning outcome. They believe long term habits of healthy eating increases students’ ability to deal with academic data and other information and have a positive effect on remembrance and recollection.

Beside normal development and a state of general physical well being to better withstand the severity of all round academic development, specific nutrient deficiencies deficiency might hinder cognitive ability.

Most developing countries are experiencing very high academic performance and failure rates. Although poor infrastructure and decreased teacher performance etc, have been blamed for this and comparatively lower emphases are apportioned to the issue of healthy eating lifestyle.

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