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Conflict Management

Food for Health

Our Goal is to ensure food security for the vulnerable during periods of conflict.

Our mission is to use Agriculture and food to douse conflict as well as extend policies and action to mitigate conflict.

Our Strategy at VEINNET is assisting ensure food sufficiency as a way of preventing as well as mitigating the impact of conflict.

Agriculture and food should be used to douse the challenge of conflict in most developing economies. Its policies must be extended to prevent and mitigate conflict.

Beyond a wise and reasonable level, -- money spent on arms may be money wasted--- National security requires far more than military power. Economic and moral factors play indispensable roles. Any program that endangers our economy could defeat us.

Divight d Eisenhover

National security is the ability of a nation to defend its internal values from external threats.

HInternational Encyclopaedia, 1968

Whereas peace is a precursor for sustainable food and nutrition security which in turn supports peace. Studies have showed that conflict is prevalent in areas of widespread poverty, hunger and malnutrition and that most conflicts are as a result of fear of hunger, real or imagined. This finding agrees with the adage that a hungry man is an angry man.

Although the term, national security, conjures up images of the military and arms, there is increasing concern over threats of non military origins with experts agreeing it is anything that threatens to degrade the quality of life of a people. This is evidenced in many food related conflicts and the recent internal instability that rocked over 40 nations in 2007 / 2008; leading to the overthrow of some democratically elected governments. This puts Security more on the pedestal of a much broader base; a sound economy. It is therefore now increasingly being recognized as a nation’s first defense against anarchy and revolutionary conflicts.

America’s Vice President, Biden, says:

Investments made to ward off food insecurity and prevent its recurrence can prevent the vicious cycles of rising extremism, armed conflict, and state failure that can require far larger commitments of resources down the road.

To America’s Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton,

Ending hunger is not only possible, but it is both a moral and strategic imperative. Food security is not just about food. It is about security.

National security does not consist of an army, a navy and an air force. It rests on a much broader base; a sound economy.

Harry S. Trauma, Former U.S President

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